Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Introduction To Oscars

oscar cichlidThe purpose of this site is to share with you the rewarding hobby of rearing Oscars. Oscars are a breed of Cichlids known in science as "Astronotus ocellatus". "Astronotus" means being marked with a start on the back and "ocellatus" means bearing an ocellated marking or "eye spot".

Contrary to popular belief, Oscar Cichlids are easy to rear and provides enjoyment to their owners. I for one, used to play with my Oscar fish by stroking the fish. This fish, when given the kind of environment and maintenance needed, can become true pets in the sense that they are highly interactive.

As a previous owner of a beautiful captive bred Oscar with blazing orange red markings in full contrast with its black body, I will share with you the tips, dos and don'ts for the successful rearing of Oscars.